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  1. Tried this test and I get no audio at all?

    1. Author

      Sorry, I forgot to mention that the dip switches must be set to eARC off and OUT2 if the Humax is connected to the HDMI input.

  2. Tried several times and still struggling to get audio at all. I managed to get audio to play out of the internal speaker one time and tested the recording that is known to have the issue and there was no audio, but other recordings played as normal. So maybe the problem can be found if I send you a copy or clip of the recording?

    1. Author

      So this issues occurs only with this file which is a recording?

  3. No not just this one file, but it is easily reproducible for me with one of these recordings. 8 times out of ten, the issue will occur when playing the recording. But as mentioned previously, I have also experienced the same sound issue with live TV through the Humax and also on a streaming service that is built into the LG CX, so not using the humax at all.

  4. Link to 17mb video clip sample. I have confirmed that the issue occurs on this clip too intermittently.

    1. Author

      We have received your file and will test it. We don’t want to publish these private links on our website and therefore delete it.

  5. Vielen Dank für dieses grandiose Produkt und den tollen Service! Nachdem ihr mir die neue Firmware geflasht habt, läuft es sogar besser als erwartet an meinem LG CX, weil der zusätzliche Eingang am Adapter auch ohne Umschalten funktioniert 🙂

    Es wird dann zwar das Tonformat mit dem TV ausgehandelt (also kein DTS möglich am LG CX), aber ich habe dort meinen 4K-BD-Player angeschlossen und ihn mit einem zusätzlichen HDMI-Kabel mit dem AVR für den Ton verbunden.
    Somit kann ich alle HDMI-Eingänge am TV nutzen, muss nie umschalten am Adapter selbst und habe stets bestmögliche Tonqualität, absolut perfekt!

    Ich habe dieses tolle Gerät bereits an zwei Freunde empfohlen und beide sind ebenfalls hochzufrieden.

  6. Hallo,
    meine Kombination aus LG OLED C9 (HDMI 2 Earc) an euren Feintech Earc Adapter in meinen Onkyo TX-NR676E (HDMI 1 Input) gibt keinen Sound aus, wenn ich versuche über meinen PC 5.1 oder 7.1 PCM Signale wiederzugeben, alle anderen Soundformate (PCM 2.0, Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby True HD/Atmos, DTS HD/DTS X) funktionieren.
    Ist das ein Software Problem eurer Box oder liegt es an meiner Grafikkarte (Nvidia GTX 970)?

    1. Author

      Wie verhält es sich, wenn der PC am HDMI Input vom VAX01202 betrieben wird (dabei eARc auf OFF und die EDID auf OUT2 einstellen)?

  7. I have a Pioneer VSX-527 receiver with Arc en recently bought a sony 55A80J with eArc.
    I also got the VAX01202 to overcome the eArc limitation, it’s the simplest possible setup:
    -TV eArc hdmi to VAX01202 eArc/Arc port
    -VAX01202 audio out to receiver on a htmi input

    Without the VAX, receiver with Arc gets on when tv is turned on and off when tv is turned off. Also the volume control works perfect via CEC so it’s like an extention of my tv… but i’m limited to dolby digital sound.

    With the VAX, the receiver does NOT get on when the tv is turned on so i have to manually switch it on, but it does get switched off when the tv is turned off. I do get DD+ sound through my AVR but the volume control does not work anymore.

    I tried all possible dipswitch settings, and tried using the other hdmi-ports on the VAX but with no result.
    In other words, it’s kinda useless for everyday use because I need to use an extra remote for turning the receiver on and controlling the volume.

    Is the a solution to this problem, other than buying a complete new AVR ?

    1. Author

      So it seems that your AVR does not support HDMI-CEC commands via its HDMI inputs, only via the HDMI-ARC output. This is the case with some older receivers and unfortunately we cannot change it. Workaround: many TV remote controls have a learning function for infrared commands. Then you can control the volume of the AVR via the TV remote directly.

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