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VAX01202 Firmware-Update

FeinTech VAX01202
Firmware update via Windows PC, CH340/341 driver support required (USB to serial adapter), available from Windows Update / optional Updates

ATTENTION: ONLY use the firmware for MCU version 1.xx, NOT MCU 2.04 or 3.02. DO NOT UPDATE if your MCU version isn't MCU 1.xx !!! (Because of shortage of chipsets there are different chipsets used in latest production. The firmware versions are NOT compatible with each other. The device will not work with a wrong version.)


Alternative HDMI-CEC logical address for commands power on / standby of connected HDMI devices (automatic power on/off for AVR)

EARC mode ON: If the audio format is PCM5.1, the Playstation 5 outputs PCM4.1 (rear channels in mono). This is fixed.

Added support for CEC control function mute/unmute

EARC mode ON: Added support for Dolby Digital Plus audio format on TVs with HDMI eARC connection

initial firmware release version

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  1. Hi I have bought the VAX01202 and wanting to use with my PC.
    I have bought a soundbar and want to split the output top Desktop screen and Audio out to Soundbar Samsung S61A using HDMI.

    I cannot get this to work, what settings shall I use?
    Also, is there any software needed to make this work, I have a Windows 10 running on my PC.

    Please help.


    1. This soundbar has only one HDMI port. This is the HDMI-ARC connector for connection to the HDMI INPUT of a TV. This connector of your soundbar is therefore an HDMI OUTPUT and cannot be used for the connection to the HDMI OUTPUT of the VAX01202. A connection between 2 outputs cannot work. The output of the VAX01202 must be connected to an HDMI input of a sound device. Suitable sound devices are AV receivers and soundbars with more than one HDMI port (the additional HDMI ports are always HDMI inputs and will work as required). I really hope that I made it clear. We have explained that on every production description and in the manual. It cannot be changed by software.

      The only chance to connect with the soundbar’s HDMI-ARC port is using VAX04100 (for HDMI-ARC soundbar) or VAX04101 (for HDMI-eARC soundbar)

  2. I’ve just received the VAX01202 and put it in between my LG C1, Shield TV and Pioneer VSX-S510. Connected via Out1/Out2 eARC and audio works perfectly.

    But the CEC commands are all messed up. Receiver only wants to shut down, but won’t turn on.

    So I found this site for a firmware update. But how do I know which MCU version I received?
    And I have a CH340 dongle with pinouts. Can I use that to connect to a micro-usb wires? If so, are the data pins the same as tx/rx?

    1. Not all CEC commands of device combinations can work. Some sound systems are expecting the TV’s commands on their output only (HDMI-ARC), not on a HDMI input as now with the VAX01202. This cannot be changed by VAX01202 firmware. I am pretty sure that you already have the latest firmware if you got the VAX01202 this year.

  3. I have the same question, how can I see wich MCU my device has?

    1. Unfortunately it can be detected only by connecting the VAX01202 to the USB update adapter and a PC. Please note: if the mute/unmute button of your TV remote contro can switch the sound system, you have already the latest regular firmware. Then an update is not necassary or not possible at the moment.

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